Humans of LCSC: Tracie Sultz

Claire Vincent, Writer

Tracie Shultz: “My name is Tracie Shultz. When I was born, my grandmother told my mom to make sure my name was spelled as T-R-A-C-I-E and not as T-R-A-C-Y. She believed the name Tracy with a “y” at the end was meant for a boy and not a girl. I live in Lewiston, Idaho; I am a full-time student at LCSC, and I work part time at a local radio station, The Outlaw 106.9. I have three children: Ashlea, 30; Michelle, 28; and Shaun, 27. I am also a proud grandmother of seven children plus one “adopted” child; She is my best friend’s daughter who considers me her “mami” as well. This year is my first time going to college, and it has been a life-changing experience. My goal is to get a major in psychology and specialize in working with military and law enforcement with PTSD. I will also be operating a bed and breakfast that will be set up as a retreat for those clients and their families. I chose psychology because I have suffered from PTSD myself. I have gone through very difficult times, so I can understand what people go through when they experience some kind of trauma. Plus, I came from a family with a lot of military history. I want to be able to use my living experience to help others.”