Haney connects learning to life in exciting Aussie internship


Cooper Haney

From his Facebook, Haney shows off his Australian adventure.

Carlee Smith, Writer

One of LCSC’s students, Cooper Haney, combined work and fun this summer. He was able to take an eight-week internship in Sydney, Australia this past summer.

Haney had the privilege of working with the business, marketing and brand development sector of the Sydney Blue Sox Professional Baseball team.

He worked on gaining new sponsors, increasing brand awareness and selling merchandise.

After a few weeks, he worked with less supervision and came up with his projects.

On his weekends off, he explored the city and learned about Australian culture. He went to an Australian Football game, which he described as “wild.”

Australian Football plays by very different rules than the NFL. However, rugby is also very popular and just as fun to watch.

Besides sports, Haney saw Australian wildlife, like kangaroos and wallabies.

Haney enjoyed the culture, especially the bakeries on every corner.

The language also had its quirks. For example, “Yeah, Nah” means “No,” but “Nah, Yeah” means “Yes.”

Despite the learning curve with Australian slang, Haney found Australians to be very friendly toward Americans.

Haney enjoyed his time in Australia and would like to go back someday. He is glad that he took the internship and explained it will help in multiple ways.

The internship looks great on a resume and is a good talking point during an interview. Besides that, he will be able to draw upon this experience when he is on the job.

Haney recommends at least looking into the program and to “do some research.” He found the process of going abroad to be relatively easy, and every applicant is walked through the process. If you want to learn more, a great place to go to is our LCSC’s Study Away program office in RCH 23 or the ISA website.