Mission43 aids Idaho veterans

Alyssa Smith, Writer

Mission43 has aiding veterans in Idaho since 2016. It is funded by the J.A and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation, however, it is operated by post-9/11 veterans and military families.

Mission43 was created for Idaho specifically, the 43rd state, and has over 2,500 local members, but it also connects its members to national organizations that also assist vets.

They believe that there is much more to accomplish afterlife in the military. Mission43 is the fastest and the best at providing education, employment, and connections for post-9/11 vets than any other state. “Idaho after the military” is their goal, purpose, and mission.

Mission43 provides a vast networking system to help vets earn a degree and job within the community. Because veterans selflessly, served our country during most of their adult lives, they do not usually have the networking to find jobs as easily others.

Despite veterans having some of the best training for self-discipline, commitment, and getting the job done, most civilian employers do not understand their experiences.

Erin Cassetto, Director of Student Employment at LCSC said, “If a veteran does not translate their experience in a way a civilian manager understands, both parties can miss out on a great opportunity.

If hiring a manager is looking for solid communications and leadership skills, a veteran may say ‘I was a platoon leader’.

If the interviewer isn’t savvy and doesn’t ask how many are in a platoon, they assume 10 or so. Whereas the platoon leader, in reality, may have overseen 50+ individuals”

Mission43’s main goal is to help veterans make that transition from active military to civilian life. They provide the support, network, and community to veterans.

One way they are doing this is by hosting a career workshop to prepare veterans for the career fair.
There will be mock interviews, a panel to answer questions, and help work on resumes. This workshop will be on September 17th from eight to twelve at the Williams Conference Center.

Another event that was organized to respect and help veterans is a 9/11 moving tribute in Moscow, Idaho September 7th to honor the fallen.

Participants will carry the U.S flag and the Flag of Honor across town. It is open to anyone and is free to join.

There are multiple stages of the event that you can join in on at any time. One can find more details on the Mission43 website.