Students’ corner: 400 miles later…


Antonia Gutierrez

Antonia Gutierrez shares her insight on moving to the Valley and explores the Valley’s local parks.

Antonia Gutierrez, Reporter

It has been over a month since my parents dropped me off in Lewiston. I’m from Jerome, a small town almost 400 miles away from here. It’s still in Idaho, but it’s far. The drive here sucked. In my first few weeks, I wondered if I had decided to do the right thing. I was feeling depressed. I would cry myself to sleep. I would sit in my unfurnished living room until I got bored. That was my daily routine.

I eventually got a job, which gave me a purpose. I started to feel less depressed. I started meeting new people. I was still alone though. I had never wanted school to start so soon. I did hope that it would all be worth it. I would speak to my parents every day. I would lowkey lie to them when they would ask me if everything was okay. The truth was that everything wasn’t okay.

Throughout these few weeks, I realized some things. 1) Don’t be afraid to do things. I got out of my usual comfort zone and started to make some friends. 2) Downsize. I quit one of the two jobs that I had to pursue my own business. 3) Sometimes it’s okay to be sad. Don’t dwell on it too much. Everything ends up getting better. It’s okay to want to be alone sometimes. 4) Water is essential to life. 5) Pamper yourself. Taking care of yourself can be as simple as meditating and listening to music, or going full-on out and enjoying a three hour spa experience.

Our mental health is extremely important, especially for those of us far from home Still, I’m glad to be here and know what it means to be a Warrior.