Job searching in a small town made simple

All LCSC students can download the handshake for free to help their job searching process.

All LCSC students can download the handshake for free to help their job searching process.

Trenton Bann, Assistant Editor

Job searching is a very stressful and difficult thing. Many students start looking for jobs when nearing graduation, but the preparation for searching for the perfect job is a process and should begin well before. Landing your dream job will require more than just a resume.

Networking is a vital part of the business world today. Many companies like to hire from within and based on employee referrals. Knowing somebody that already works for the company you want to apply at and having them put in a referral for you can help propel your resume to the top of the recruiter’s list.

This is easier than ever as apps like Handshake and LinkedIn give students access to a list of connections they could use at various employers. These apps also allow for contact between recruiters and applicants. Soon-to-be graduates can find job listings that interest them and fit their qualifications. Likewise, recruiters looking for applicants can find people that fit what they are searching for.
Internships also help with the job searching effort as it gives a real-world experience that is very desirable for prospective employers. By having internship experience on your resume, you set yourself apart from the rest of the applicant field.
When seeking an internship, it’s important to start early. Most internship employers are looking for students in their sophomore or junior years.

Don’t be afraid to apply to lots of listings as it raises your chances of landing a position. Intern pools are also a common resource for companies to hire full-time employees. This means that a summer internship could easily turn into a career.

Even with lots of preparation, job searching can still take a long time. Even with a solid resume, it is not uncommon to need to apply for several positions before getting an interview or even a call-back.

If you’re wanting a position immediately after graduation, it’s important to start applying early. Employers begin looking for graduates to hire in January as onboarding could take several months. Don’t be afraid to put in an application, even if you are missing a few qualifications on the job listing.

The most important part of job searching is to not give up and to keep applying for positions until you find one that fits you. Make sure to use your resources and any available opportunities to meet people and make connections.

An upcoming opportunity is the annual Career Fair hosted in the LCSC Activity Center on Oct. 3rd. This event will allow students to connect with dozens of employers and offer an opportunity to discover potential careers. Many employers come to career fairs seeking students to hire for both internships and fulltime positions.

By coming to the Career Fair, you skip the online uncertainty and get to talk directly to an employer. Make sure to dress in interview attire and bring a resume as employers will be conducting on-campus interviews as well.