Slipknot summer festival stuns even the casual listener

Gracyn Richardson, Editor

Over the summer, Knotfest, a Slipknot-run festival, traveled to Auburn WA at the White River Amphitheater. As someone who only listens to Slipknot when my friends are, it was quite a leap to go from casual listening to an entire 10-hour music festival dedicated to just heavy metal music.

Before that concert, I had only ever been to indie/pop artist concerts that consisted of people swaying or screaming the boy-bands’ names.

Knotfest was an awakening for me and a few friends that had not listened to them in person before.
The tickets were on sale for $20 for lawn seats a week before the concert, but I bought mine for $50 in advance, which was a downer.

The venue was beautiful but not good for a concert where crowds do heavy dancing and mosh-pitting. The lawn seats were very hot under the summer sun.

Knotfest was not a concert for all people. Some passed out from the heat, others from alcohol intake. My friends and I saw a man get his stomach pumped minutes before Slipknot started. Throughout the night, people flooded in and out of the venue, meaning many were arrested for fighting and being drunk.

The festival consisted of many bands, starting with Behemoth, then Gojira, Volbeat and then Slipknot. The gates opened at 3:00 p.m. and the first band started at 5:30 p.m..

After the entire festival ended, the highlight of the entire thing was trying to escape the parking lots. These people were crazier than the mosh pits inside.

All in all, the music festival was interesting, fun and an unmatched experience..