From the Editors: Issue #4

Gracyn Richardson and Trenton Bann

I am slowly realizing that I like college more than any other type of schooling I have ever had, including elementary school… and that had recess!

I don’t know if it sounds cheesy, but sometimes I wake up actually excited to go to school like how you did in 4th grade when you ask another girl in your class to wear a skirt and a white shirt with curled hair to school the next day to match, and let others know that we were the rulers of the school. Not really.

I also saw IT ch. 2, and it was okay. I feel like it was too long to be good but had funny parts throughout the entire thing. Also, the only characters that looked/acted like they did when they were younger were Eddie and Richie, the backbone of that movie franchise.

Movies that I am excited to see are (unironicly): “Joker,” “The Lighthouse” and “Gretel and Hansel.” I think that “Joker” is going to cast a shadow over Halloween, making everyone dress up as him, like they all did with Harley Quinn when “Suicide Squad” came out.

All in all, I just want to stay home and watch movies but also go to school. Am I really a 4th grader again?

– Gracyn Richardson

These last two weeks have been very calm. The semester always seems overwhelming for the first few weeks as you figure out the schedule and when your professor requires things to be turned in.

Now I am in the part of the semester where I just go through the motions and churn through assignments. I know this won’t last long as midterms will come sooner than I expect.

Being almost a third of the way through fall semester already is crazy, and the last few weeks have flown by. The weather has started changing, and my favorite season is almost here. It doesn’t seem like it, but we’re already halfway through September, and I can’t wait for October.

– Trenton Bann