Enhance soft skills to gain an edge with future employers


In a recent LinkedIn report on employment trends, employers highly regarded soft skills when hiring, skills like creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and time management.

The 2019 Global Talent Trends study found that “91 percent of employers agree that soft skills development is very important to the future of recruiting and HR; while 80 percent claim that soft skills are increasingly important to company success; and 92 percent say soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills.”

Just the degree itself won’t get you in the door or past the interview process anymore. Students with marketable soft skills will have an edge in any workplace.

“From communication to critical thinking, soft skills are more important than ever in the eyes of employers – and are often the skills students lack most.

Yet campuses can and do, offer a host of solutions to develop the soft skills gap, and have the opportunity to provide a holistic approach to career preparation that ensures students are entering the job market with all of the traits companies seek in job candidates,” adds Lisa Malat, COO of Barnes and Noble.

LCSC’s student involvement initiative headed by Holly Daugherty, the coordinator, encourages students to fill the gap by plugging into the campus and community. LCSC offers over 60 clubs where students can hone some of these soft skills, including leadership and teamwork.

In addition to campus organizations, students have a host of on-campus resources that will help them maximize career preparation.

“Most universities have dedicated Career Services on campus, and these can and should be used to refine soft skills. Mock interviews, résumé reviews, and career coaching are ideal ways to prepare for working life. Job fairs and on-campus interviews are also a great chance for students to practice and showcase both hard and soft skills in a more relaxed, low-pressure setting,” according to Genna Ash, writer for Study International.

The LCSC Career Fair will be held Thursday, Oct. 3 in the Activities Center. This will be an event where students from freshman to seniors can practice polishing some of these marketable soft skills, including displaying creativity and engaging problem solving during on-the-spot interviews with potential employers.