Expected salaries post-graduation

Adam Galliano, Staff Writer

As many students continue to strive throughout the semester, working diligently to complete projects and homework and studying away preparing for upcoming exams, surely thoughts on graduation and employment afterwards are important topics to ponder.

While having a degree field planned out in advance, many might be keeping their options open or have not yet decided on which career path they plan on attempting.

With so many options available, here is a compiled ist of popular degrees and career areas available to LCSC students post-graduation, presented to provide a general idea of what salaries and job outlooks those students can look forward to.

Because the information available contains many different variables including location and specific employer standards, the data is from the state of Idaho only, as provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in April 2017.

While the top career fields in Idaho (for college graduates) are centered around the field of health care, many other occupations are readily available and do provide employees with notable salaries. Additionally, all the degrees I have listed are offered at LCSC and can be attained in 4 years or less.

Engineering Technology B.A.S. ($60 – $90K+)

Engineers are the backbone of society, designing and creating the technology and industry around us. This field of study allows graduates to work in a variety of areas including Aerospace Engineering, Geographical Information Systems, Mechanical and Architectural Drafting.

Business Management and Marketing B.A.S. ($50 – $100K+)

This degree can give graduates many options for employment within the corporate world, from Public Relations Specialists to Marketing Managers and Operations Supervision positions. With further education, Business majors can achieve even better careers through entrepreneurship and sales, the sky is the limit with this degree!

Nursing B.S.N ($70K)

The LCSC Nursing to RN track provides students the skills to work in the health care industry and receive their RN certification. Careers are numerous and include positions in Occupational Healthcare, case Management, and even Education.

Justice Studies B.A /B.S ($50K+)

This career field is centered around the legal system and provides employment opportunities in federal, state, and local criminal justice agencies. Graduates can expect careers in areas such as Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice and Human Service organizations.

Earth Science B.A/ B.S ($60K+)

Environmental and natural science graduates can expect to work in industries ranging from Geological, Agricultural, and Resource Management. From careers in mining and Geologic mapping to Astrological and Space Sciences, the natural world is vital to life on earth and these careers will be in demand long into the foreseeable future.

While I listed degrees available for students working towards their bachelor’s, many careers can be attained from the successful completion of a technical certificate or associate’s degree. Some notable programs offered by LCSC include the following:

Diesel Technologies I.T.C/A.T.C ($45K)

Paramedics A.A.S. ($30 – $40K)

Graphic Communications A.A.S (up to $60K)

Regardless of the degree path taken, there are many different opportunities for employment post-graduation, and with proper direction together with an individual’s effort to strive for success, LCSC graduates can find their dream jobs (hopefully complete with their dream salaries). For more detailed information on individual degree careers and salaries, please visit the LCSC webpage by program, or contact the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: