LCSC hosts multicultural dinner

Gracyn Richardson, Editor

On Friday Sept. 20, LCSC hosted its popular multicultural dinner, during multicultural week, that showcased different cultures’ food, and how they’re prepared.

According to Dr. Kerensa Allison, in accordance with the President’s Commission on Diversity, multicultural awareness week activities strive to foster inclusive practices that enhance cultural awareness and understanding on the LCSC campus and beyond.

The events of the week include the Native American Friendship Lunch at Pi’amkinwaas, Dr. Pasang Y. Sherpa as our keynote speaker on Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change in the Himalayas, multiple student presentations in the discover culture series, and the international food and culture night, the events of LCSC’s multicultural awareness week are supported by the office of the dean of academic programs, Native American, minority and veterans’ services, the international programs office, the division of social sciences, the division of humanities, the LCSC Spanish Club, and the LCSC Anthropology Club, as well as from the generous donations from numerous students and faculty members.

With over 300 annual participants, international food and culture night brings campus and community members together for a potluck of international cuisine.

The event is free to participants and, in addition to the potluck, includes activities such as origami-folding, music, and a Latin American dance hosted this year by the new multicultural student organizations. collectively, these activities prepare our students to interact successfully in an increasingly diverse global society.

Also according to Holly Neyer, the global engagement advisor, the International Programs has been partnering with numerous other campus offices, departments, and clubs to put on the Food and Culture Night for decades.

This program has been a tradition in LCSC history for decades. The form of the event has evolved over the years, from a formal sit down dinners to what it is now: a space for community, intercultural exchange, and great international cuisine.

This year, we had much more community involvement in an active role than ever before. More students, faculty, staff and community guests brought food to share (and to represent their unique culture and identity) than ever before.

Some more events that were new this year included; voluntary performances from local musicians and student vocal artists, as well as international dance night which was held immediately following the dinner. Once of our foreign exchange students volunteered to teach the Bachata, a traditional Latin dance. Over 32 different countries, clubs, and organizations were represented at the event. Intercultural cuisine was present from 29 different countries, regions, and cultures.

Getting coverage on international culture allows students of LCSC to see the diversity that the school honors. Within the events that happen during multicultural week, the dinner was an activity to participate in to get to experience different cultures. All in all, taking part in the dinner is fun, and gives students free food!