Clearing the rumors: Walt Disney in Lewiston Idaho



Walt Disney gives some advice to his two teenage daughters, Diane and Sharon, right, about their television debut which will take place Christmas Day, Dec. 7, 1950. Louisa Wallace, left, daughter of trhe show's director, gets in on the advice. The show will take place in Hollywood. (AP Photo)

Alex Ayad, Staff Writer

It is widely believed across our campus that Walt Disney not only lived in Lewiston but also that the iconic blue Disney movie intro that overlooks a castle and river was based on the Clearwater River. Neither of these are true, but Walt Disney did have some connection to the area.

Walt Disney’s wife, Lillian Marie Bounds, was originally from Spalding Idaho. Bounds attended the Lewiston business college for a year before moving to California where she met Disney. Disney and Bounds traveled back to Lewiston by train in July 1925 and got married at her brother’s house at 918 3rd Street.

There is no evidence that the blue intro was based on Lewiston and the Clearwater River. According to the director of corporate communications for Disney, the castle on the waterfront’s design is a “a stylized version of the Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty Castles.”

Walt Disney’s connection to Lewiston, Idaho, is not as grandiose as widely rumored, but the fact that this little town has a connection with the business visionary is worth mentioning. This article was brought to you by the LCSC History Club.