Dave’s Valley Golf making customers happy

Caleb C. Kessler, Reporter

Dave’s Valley Golf, located on the port of Clarkston, Washington, won its fifth best golf shop award due to its great customer service and reasonable prices.

Golf Salesman, Marlon Eng, helps keep the business successful. Eng tries to focus on every customer’s needs and works to maintain a welcoming atmosphere in the shop that is open year round.

“Great customer service is why we win these awards and why we have so many good, high rates. That is what keeps us successful. The kinder you are and more you show you care about the customers wants and needs, the better they feel and want to be around that more,” said Eng.

“That’s also why we get a lot of the same customers in the valley coming in regularly. It makes them feel good and us here at Dave’s as well,” he continued.

Eng, who is also a Ping golf representative, mentioned the motto going around the Valley is “if you don’t want to hit it far and straight, don’t get a Ping!”

And Eng explains that Ping golf came out with a series of clubs this year called the G410 series. This series has every club a golfer would want in their bag from driver to utility wedges.

“Every year, Ping golf does a great job in making their products very forgiving. The Lewiston-Clarkston Valley has a lot of retired people living in the community. Older, retired folks like to golf like they have in the past. Perhaps they can’t swing or play how they once used to when they were much younger, but the Ping 410 series gives these players the opportunity to still hit the ball very far and consistently,” Eng said.

With golf club brands, there are two approaches, either the club hits the ball far and has a hot face, or another club is made to not be hit quite as far, but has a “bigger sweet” spot, making it more forgiving. Ping this year has produced both, Eng explained, helping Dave’s to be as successful as it has in 2019.