From the Editors: Issue #5

Gracyn Richardson and Trenton Bann

This past week has been fun filled and crazy. I finally got enough courage to move out of my house and into my own apartment. No one tells you how scary it is until you see that deposit pulled from your savings account.

I thought that the money would be a problem, but I realized maybe I shouldn’t go thrift shopping twice a week and eat out everyday.

Budgeting is something that I have been somewhat good at, but I am going to take advantage to late technology and apps that can organize your money for you, how smart!

– Gracyn Richardson

This past week has been very interesting. Both in a personal and overall worldview standpoint. There is a lot to be said for the times we are living in now for how history will view it. Support it or not Impeachment has now happened just 4 times in the history of the country and the historical significance it holds is extraordinary.

From reading history books you don’t get the full idea of what it is to live through and experience those events. Now we will get to witness similar things that happened during both the Clinton and Nixon administrations. And being the first impeachment of the information era we get an even more intimate view of what goes on at the highest levels of government.

On a personal note I saw Vampire Weekend this past Friday and it was amazing.

– Trenton Bann