Local entrpreneur: God first, family second, career third

Antonia Gutierrez, Staff Writer

It all started in 2012. She was just trying to be a good friend. She would have never thought that would end up being a director in one of the largest companies in the world.
Mona Haas was born in California and raised as a “military baby. I didn’t have a normal hometown. I’m from everywhere.” For 10 years she worked as a neonatal nurse. She now works her business in the Lewis Clark Valley.
So in 2012, her friend showed her an opportunity where she could work flexible hours and earn some extra money. She started her Mary Kay business in May of that year. It wasn’t easy at first. She had to go through many steps and a lot of failing and learning to be where she is today.
She wasn’t sure if this was the right decision for her. She was not the makeup type of girl. She worried if she was going to fail from her lack of experience. “The beauty of starting a Mary Kay business is that there is always someone willing and wanting to help you,” Haas explains.
She “kept sharing the gospel and accepted Christ” in her life. That is what she believes made her the successful director that she is today.
As director of her unit, she is in charge of making sure that all her new Independent Beauty Consultants are prepared and have all the resources to make sure they have a successful business, too. She doesn’t see herself as their boss but rather more like a mentor. She works alongside them to help new consultants climb the ranks in the Mary Kay World.
“Don’t give up.” That is one of the biggest pieces of advice that she gives to anyone who is wanting to start a business. “Set goals that excite you but work whether you’re excited or not. No one will be successful without grit.”
As a unit director, she has received many prizes and perks. In October, she was rewarded a cruise to the Bahamas for her “grit and determination.” She has also received the use of a free Mary Kay car for her business. These are some of the physical prizes she has received, but what she loves about her job the most, is all the amazing women that she has helped throughout the past seven years.
Haas’ great personality makes her easy to be friends with. Her kind voice guides consultants, and she is always available to help others. She is also the life of the party. She has an infectious optimistic look on the world that is mesmerizing.
She lives by Jim Elliot’s words, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep gaining what he cannot lose.”