Stolen car crashes into house near LCSC

Rebekka Kalmbach, Writer

“At that moment it just clicked in my mind, and I knew I had to chase him,” reported Gerald Ellison, one of the students living in the house which was crashed into by a stolen car with three people in it.

The students were just hanging out in their living room when they heard a loud crash outside which seemed to be very close.

When they stepped outside to check, they saw a car literally in their front yard which has crashed into their front steps.

As soon as the students saw the car, the three people in it, two men and a woman, all under the influence of drugs climbed out of the car and started running away.

One of the students immediately started following the men, calling the police at the same time.

When the men realized they were being followed they put their hands in their pockets, which appears like a very random move out of context, in this situation, however, it seemed dangerous, reported Gerald who was facing the stranger.

He might have a weapon, maybe a gun, he thought. Luckily, the police approached and helped to chase the men, which didn’t stop Gerald to continue following one of the men, until a few blocks later, when he went into a house.

The student followed the guy into the house, where the police pulled up right on time to secure the situation and take the man with them.

Both men were caught on this date and taken to jail.

The involved students who engaged bravely by not only calling the police but also actively chasing the persons of interest will have to go to court this week to testify against the two men.

For future reference, the criminals should note that crashing into a house where mostly track athletes are living might not be the smartest choice.