Interview with an alumni from the 60s: Velda Smith

Mikayla Hartley, Writer

M: Compared to your last time attending the school, how do you feel about the changes that have developed over the years at LC?

V: The campus is huge compared to when I came here! The atmosphere was way different. It was more like Highschool. There was a dorm life, but I wasn’t too familiar with it. I lived off campus. The boys and girls were in separate dorms. Talkington was for girls and Clark for boys. Rather than classes being spread out, there were class periods. They even had bells that rang in between classes.

M: What were you majoring in?

V: Elementary Education. I wanted to pursue this major because my adoptive parents were teachers. My Dad was the Superintendent in Clarkston.

M: What clubs and organizations were you involved in previously?

V: I used to be in Native American club. I was the president of the club a couple times. Vice President and Treasurer others. Everyone in the club was fairly familiar with each other so we switched roles every once in a while. I was also in dance, what they call the Warriorettes. When you were in it you danced at halftime for basketball games and other activities. Later on I also became part of a dance troupe for LC. I traveled around the state and country for modern and jazz type of dance.

M: What were your favorite classes?

V: I enjoyed Geology, Calculus, and Psychology.

M: What brought you to come back to LCSC?

V: I wanted to take Nez Perce to entertain my mind and to become a speaker of the language. They didn’t have Nez Perce when I was attending. I think that as long as you have the capacity to, you should learn whenever you can and whatever you can. My sister Linda and I aren’t full time students. We are just taking the class. Because I’m a senior citizen, I can just take classes for learning. I’m taking advantage of that to keep my mind going.

M: What advice do you have for those currently attending LCSC?

V: Don’t quit, never quit. It took a long time for me to finish my degree, but it really was all worth it.