One year out from election day: are you registered?

Trenton Bann, Assistant Editor

November 3, 2019, marked exactly one year before the 2020 General Election will take place. As with all elections, it is important to know how, where, and when to vote on Election Day.

To vote in Idaho elections you must register in your permanent residence. This, unfortunately, means students that do not consider their college residence as a permanent residence cannot vote there. However, you may request an absentee ballot be sent to you.

Registration in Idaho is simple as Idaho allows for both online registration and Election Day registration. If done in advance of Election Day, registration can be completed at You can also wait until Election Day and register at your polling place with a valid ID and proof of residence.

2020 has several important election dates. The first date is the 2020 Democratic Primary taking place on March 10, 2020. This election is for choosing the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee and is only open for voters affiliated with the Democratic Party.

The next election is the 2020 Primary taking place on May 19, 2020. This will determine party nominees for down-ballot offices from the county on up to state-wide elections.

The last election of the year will take place on November 3, 2020. This is the general election and will decide the elected officials for all offices. This will include a presidential election among the other down-ballot races.

Voter turnout in the United States is poor and drastically trails other developed countries at just 55.5% in the 2016 general election. Many people are not invested in politics outside the presidential race and choose to sit out crucial elections. Fulfilling your responsibility to vote is one of the most important things you can do as a US Citizen. Many local and state elections come down to a handful of votes meaning every vote can make a real difference in these elections.