From The Pathfinder staff: how to survive the holidays


As the students at LCSC transition into the holiday season, The Pathfinder staff want to bring awarenss to how colder months can bring in the heaviness of seasonal depression.
People suffer from being alone on the holidays or not being able to make it back home over Thanksgiving break due to bad weather or financial reasons.
Everyone copes with stress management and down times in their lives in many different ways, and our staff would like to share with you what helps us.

Gracyn (Editor):
Winter is conflicting to me. I love to dress warm and wear big coats and sweaters, but I am a Grinch when it comes to Christmas. I used to love it when I was younger, but now, every time someone posts something on their Facebook the day after Halloween saying, “Merry Christmas” it makes me almost angry.
It seems silly, but I really do not enjoy Christmas without my grandparents being here with me. I love the opportunity to see extended family, but Christmas always makes me far more sad than happy.
The snow is the hardest for me. Again, something that I used to pray for to come when I was younger, is now a hassle to drive in, or keep my immune system intact with the drops in temperature.
Through all of the things I do not like during the winter, the things I enjoy are the albums that I reserve all year to listen to solely in the winter.
I found that music started to help me a lot after a close family member of mine passed away. I also found that it hit me harder to listen to certain songs certain times in the year due to their connection of when I started listening to them in my prime.
For instance, during the months from December to March, I love to listen to the 1975’s black, original album. I started listening to it when I was in the eighth grade over Christmas. For some reason, driving around, screaming music at the top of my lungs with my friends makes me feel happier sometimes that travelling or going on big rollercoasters.
I think my seasons are all based on a music-clock. My seasons goes as such:
• Winter: The 1975’s black album
• Spring: Beach House’s “Teen Dream” album
• Summer: Tame Impala’s “Currents” album
• Fall: Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” album.
Music is a heavy outlet but also having a consistent skin care routine seems to help out, too.
Though it can be expensive, the feeling of being refreshed and clean has always felt like a heavy lift off my shoulders.
All in all, music and face masks help me survive Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Trenton (Assistant Editor):
To survive the dark and dreary winter break I typically like to seek new bands to listen to. I either try to find a band that I had not heard of before that had a major release in the previous year. Last year it led me to some of my favorite bands, Peach Pit and Parquet Courts.

Amy (Advisor):
I survive through starbuck runs, going to see the lights at Winter Spirit and lots of board games with family.

Stephanie (Advisor):
I survive the winter holidays by getting my shopping done in advance, watching Christmas movies and drinking tons of apple cider.

Alyssa (Writer):
For me the holidays are a challenge, dealing with my family is difficult and extremely frustrating.
I am easily overwhelmed, especially since most of the time my huge, crazy family is crammed into a tiny house.
However, my trick to surviving the madness is simple and effective. I find my favorite family member, which is also usually the easiest person to be around, and I stick with them.
For me, it is usually my grandmother or my baby siblings. I also tend to avoid challenging family members that tend to cause problems and anxiety.
Another tip that works for me is having a nice cup of tea before meeting with the family for dinner, and then during family time making sure I am taking a break when needed by sitting by myself for a couple minutes here and there.

Carter (Writer):
Curl up under a blanket with a good book and read away your stress.

Mikayla (Writer):
I watch Christmas movies on a loop all season long and keep myself busy by making homemade ornaments!

Jordan (Writer):
The holidays are made so much easier because all of the free time. Not having school and being able to do whatever you want to is a great feeling. Plus doing stuff with family and friends is great. Let’s not forget the great food and football during the season.

Caleb (Writer):
I keep a heater on and wear warm socks.

Robert (Writer):
I stay inside where it’s warm and drink a lot of hot cocoa.
The holidays can be hard away from ones friends. Be sure to text friends, call family members and see those that need attention the most around this time of year. No one knows how long anyone has.
Take care of yourself.