Full Throttle book review


Adam Galliano, Staff Writer

*Spoilers ahead*
One of my favorite pastimes is reading, and I have always loved a good book, especially when it’s rife with suspense and intrigue. The dramatic factor that storytellers sometimes use can leave me on the edge of my seat, tense and grasping for more.
I sometimes feel that when a book has ended, I am left wanting, but alas sometimes when the story is over the story is over.
For this reason, I can appreciate a great short story, and this has led me to enjoy whole books of this style, conglomerates of writing, giving just a taste of the stories world and an introduction to the characters, enjoyable in their individual briefness.
One such book I recently completed is called Full Throttle, by Joe Hill.
Originally published by HarperCollins and released on October 1, 2019, Full Throttle is an anthology collection of 13 short fiction stories by acclaimed author Joe Hill.
Hill is the pen name of Joseph King, the son of famed horror author Stephen King, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the proverbial tree of inventiveness as this collection proves.
The book begins with the story “Throttle,” a tale of suspense and drama reminiscent of the grindhouse films from the 70’s.
A ragtag biker gang has been involved in a horrific crime and are overheard by a truck driver recounting the tale with the results being very destructive and life altering.
The story “Faun” regales the reader of what it would be like to trophy hunt fantastic mythical creatures, and what can happen if you do.
One story, “In the Tall Grass” has been recently made into an Amazon Prime movie and is fantastic.
Co-written with his father Stephen King, the tale tells what can happen when the best intentions turn out to have less than stellar results.
The climax and the ending were fantastic and horrendous at the same time. Definitely one to check out if you have the stomach for it.
Each story has its own merit and depth, and I found the entertainment value to be well worth the price of admission.
As an avid reader of the elder King, one aspect I have always found to be interesting is his ability to place certain “Easter eggs” in his books that connect them to other works in his universe.
In Full Throttle, Hill gives homage to his father’s talented works with a few well placed connections here and there. If you are a fan, you will see the connections with lines such as “Gorks”, and “They Float”
Hill has written 5 novels, including Heart-Shaped Box, The Fireman and NOS4A2, as well as four anthology collections and a litany of short fiction stories. He is also the author of the acclaimed comic series Locke and Key. Born in 1972, the 47-year-old has 3 children and is the recipient of many awards and accolades. Hill is from Bangor, ME.