The campus pet: Catnis

Alyssa Smith, Writer

If you see a gray cat wandering around campus, don’t worry, she isn’t lost. Her name is Catnis, and she lives right across the parking lot behind Sacajawea Hall. She is mostly an outside cat, but to LC State students, she is the campus pet.
I’m sure you have heard about or seen Catnis on campus. She is loved by all. Catnis is a year and a half old gray cat, she has a red little bell, and her ID tag reads, “My name is Catnis, I love outside and loves.” This describes her perfectly, and she is obviously a Warriors fan because she has a red bell and tag.
She visits the campus almost every day, watching everyone go to classes. She is an extremely friendly cat, and she loves attention. She is known to walk right up to someone to get attention. She also occasionally attempts to sneak into buildings but often ends in failure.
As her tag says, she loves the outdoors and loves, which makes the campus the perfect roaming grounds for her. According to her owner, her adventuring started when she got another kitten to keep her company. Catnis comes to college for the same reason the rest of us do, to get a break from our annoying, younger siblings.
Catnis’ favorite spots are on the North end of campus, usually around the SUB, Sacajawea Hall and Meriwether Lewis Hall. In other words, where the most people are. She has a very particular napping spot in between the SUB and Doks. It is a spot of concrete and grass area that is very warm, even on the coldest mornings. Probably an underground pipe of hot water running to Doks, but it is the perfect spot to squeeze in a quick cat nap and stay warm.
For me, Catnis is always a welcome sight on campus. It is nice to take a break to say hi and pet her between classes. It is also amusing to watch her attempt to stalk bird and squirrels. I have a cat at home that I do not get to see during the week and I miss very much, so it is nice to be able to see and interact with Catnis.
Next time you see Catnis, make sure to go say hello and give her a pat. She has the remarkable ability to make your day just a little happier and better.