DIY crafts for the holidays

Mikayla Hartley, Staff Writer

Holidays on a budget is something that we all want to achieve in this coming season. Homemade crafts are excellent and heart warming gift, that everyone loves to receive! And they can be easy too! These are a few couple of ideas to get you started:
Clay Figurines: Take a trip to your local art store or warehouse and pick out some oven bake clay. Along with this, you’ll need some acrylic paint, clear glaze and some paint brushes. Magnets, pins and string are optional. For the acrylic paint, you don’t need to spend a paycheck on a set, rather get some nice cheap paint in bottles. All the colors you need are black, white, blue, red and yellow. With these colors, you can mix whatever hue you so desire!
1. Shape the clay into whatever design you want. If you want to make an ornament, poke a
hole wherever you like before baking. 2. Put it in the oven for however long the clay packaging states. If you live in the dorms and don’t have access to an oven, it is best to wait until you get home. Clay is not something you want to put in the microwave! 3. When clay is baked, take them out and let them cool 4. Start painting! 5. Be sure the paint is dry. Afterwards apply the glaze. In some cases if you stroke the glaze onto the paint too much, it can start to pick it up. Try to glaze the pieces in as few strokes as possible. 6. Put some strong lasting glue on the back and put your magnet or pin on the back! If you made an ornament, feed the string through the hole and tie it off!
Pop-up Cards: With your nice clay trinket, you can also spice up your gifts with a little something extra! Put your boring store bought cards down and get a pair of scissors and whatever color or pattern paper you wish! Pop-up Cards are a fun exchange and quite easy to make. The easiest design is the “square cut.” All that is required is to fold your paper into a card and cut in the middle of the place where you want the pop up to be. How big or small it is, is your choice!
All pictures were drawn by Mikayla Hartley.