Op-ed: morals

Raven Alexander, Staff Writer

College is a place where you meet new people and learn about other and potentially very different moral and ethical values different from your own. You may find others that think similarly about some topics of discussion, whether that’s politics, gun rights, religion, etc., but there will almost always be a difference in opinions that leads to an ethical or moral discussion, or debate, if you will.
In my second year here at LCSC, I have met many individuals with different ethical and moral standpoints than I do. It is quite rare for me to find anyone who has similar standpoint to mine, especially topics involving the ethics of scientific research.
For example, last year I had a biology of film class where we would watch films and discuss the ethics and the realistic potential in the science occuring in those films. In this class I had a sort of “mad scientist” point of view for each topic we discussed. Two of the major topics we debated were the ethical and moral opinions on cloning dinosaurs and cloning other human beings. I was the only one in the class to agree that both should be researched.
I have what I would consider a more science based system of ethical and moral values. When it comes ethics and morals, I have never agreed with most other people.Coming to LCSC has made my unique perspectives more apparent when examined in comparison to those values of my peers.
I can’t say these experiences have changed my standpoints on any topic although I value my interpersonal experiences with others and getting to know their justifications for their opinions. I look forward to many more discussions and debates with others, and I hope we can all learn or at least appreciate the opportunity to share each other’s moral and ethical values even if those may be very different from the masses.