Disney Plus lives up to the hype

Robert Petrie, Staff Writer

With Disney Plus released just a few weeks ago, some people still on the fence are wondering if this new streaming service is worth adding to their subscription repertoire.
On just its first day of service, there were 10 million sign-ups despite a few technical hiccups, and that number is growing each day.
And what’s not to love: everything you could ever think of that Disney has made is out on this platform from the original Mickey Mouse cartoons to the Star Wars franchise to all of the Marvel movies. This includes all of the solo superhero movies, all four of the Avenger films and Pixar cult classics like “Toy Story.”
Not into movies, that’s okay because there is a lot of TV episodes as part of the subscription. Millennials will love cartoons from the 2000s and beloved teen sitcoms like “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and “That’s So Raven.” Disney Plus even features their own personal Star Wars series called “Mandalorian,” which is awesome if you are a Star Wars fans.
This platform even has a couple National Geographic series if you are into reality programming and documentaries. There is such a large variety of content and diverse programming that you won’t know where to even begin. I have really enjoyed this new streaming service thus far because of the fact that Disney has so many shows and movies that I grew up watching and loved as a kid.
And for a monthly fee of $6.99 or $69.99 per year, this is a bargain to have access to so much content. Gift yourself or someone else this streaming service this Christmas.