Super Bowl 54 predictions

Sam Harrison, Staff Writer

With the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship and the San Francisco 49ers beating the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship, Super Bowl 54 is set. San Francisco had a great win against Green Bay going into the second half with a 27-0 lead.
While on the other side of the country, the Chiefs defense did a great job of shutting down Derrick Henry of the Titans. Nothing unexpected as the Chiefs have had an amazing defense all season.
Both teams have an outstanding quarterback leading them in Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo. Mahomes and Garoppolo leading the betting odds for Super Bowl MVP just go to show how much of an impact both of those players make on the game.
Both players have no problem completing a pass, but with the defenses having the best statistical seasons, it may be tougher. San Francisco has one of the most underrated cornerbacks in Richard Sherman and he has no problem shutting down any player that he needs to.
On the other side of the field, you’ve got a hard-hitting undersized safety in Tyrann Mathieu. The “honey badger” had a heck of a game against Tennessee with some key stops against the hot Titans offense. But with a great defense on both sides and some art created by both offenses, this game is going to be one to watch.
But who is going to win? I think it will end in a shootout offense against defense.
It may be good to have some chips nearby because you’ll probably be there for a while. The quarterbacks have both had stellar season’s, but with Jimmy Garoppolo’s prior experience with the Patriots and knowledge from learning the ways of Tom Brady, he may be calmer and more collected. You have to expect some nerves out of the third-year first string for the Chiefs.
This is obviously the biggest game of Mahomes’ career and that’s going to come with some nerves, but I think it’s going to come down to the defenses.
Kansas City has had an impressive red zone defense and it can often get compared to the Seattle Seahawk’s “Legion of boom.” In reality, I think the NFC has a bit of an advantage over the AFC Chiefs in this one. It will all come down to how the offenses are willing to approach each defense and how the coaching staff’s twist the game plan.
You can expect some trick play’s in this game as you would in any Super Bowl of our era. But make sure to take this game in, it could be one of the greatest of all time.