LC Valley says goodbye to upcoming closing stores

Antonia Gutierrez, Staff Writer

As many residents have noticed, many major stores have closed in the past few months, including Payless Shoes, Shopko and Kmart. Now, Rue21 and Macy’s are the most recent stores to announce they are going out of business in the Lewis-Clark Valley.
According to the Lewiston Tribune, Macy’s will start going out of business sales starting in January and will last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. It is one of 15 Macy’s locations that will be closing around the country. In 2016, the Moscow, ID Macy’s location was shut down as part of a different wave of store closures.
Rue21, which opened in the Nez Perce Plaza in 2016, is officially closing its LC-Valley location. They have already started their going out of business sales. There are only six other locations open in Idaho.
Pier 1 Imports Inc. also came out with a statement saying that they will be closing 450 of their 942 stores that are open around the country. They did not specify any of the locations, but it has been rumored that the Lewiston store will also be closing.
Shopko closed its doors in July of 2019. While Payless Shoes closed all stores this past year. Kmart recently closed this past December after the company filed for bankruptcy after many years of financial struggles.
In 2016, Safeway closed its location at the Nez Perce Plaza where Rue21 and Pier 1 Imports are located.
An employee of one of the stores mentioned that rent for the store’s location was very expensive and played a factor in the closure.
The Lewis-Clark Valley is not the only location where stores are closing. Stores are closing all around the country. Forever21 is another popular chain that is going out of business. Sears, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, Victoria’s Secret, JCPenney, and even Walmart have come out with declarations stating that they will be closing some of their stores.
There has been a lot of debate over why so many big department stores have been closing not only in the valley but around the country. In many of these cases, the stores have gone bankrupt, while others are struggling to draw customers in due to the heavy online presence of other stores.