Hay’s corner: top albums of the 2010s

Jordan Hay, Staff Writer

With the end of the decade just happening, a fun practice that a lot of people take part in is to look at their favorite things from the decade. For many, they like to look at their favorite video games, movies or even favorites memes of the decade. For me, in this series here in the Pathfinder, I will be chronicling my favorite albums of the 2010s!
For this list, the albums that I have selected do not necessarily have to be regarded as the best albums of all time by any means. These albums have made an impact on me in some way or another. Whether it is because of the great songwriting, great production, a part of my life that the album reminds me of, or a combination of the stated things.
To preface my first album in this series, I must give some context as to why I have chosen it as one of my favorites of the decade.
The year 2019 was possibly the hardest and maybe the worst year of my life. Things started out rough in January of last year where I lost my job and got severely depressed and my anxiety deepened because of it. The year kept getting worse and worse between the death of both our long time family dog and grandmother. With all of that and even health issues with my parents, the year of 2019 proved to be a nonstop proverbial kick to the groin.
This leads into the first album that I am chronicling in this series, “Unheavenly Creatures” by Coheed and Cambria.
With all of the tough moments of 2019, there was one silver lining in the pitch-black rain cloud that was this year. A Seattle trip with 3 of some of my closest friends to a Coheed and Cambria concert and to a WWE show on the same weekend.
Before this late June weekend, I wasn’t that big of a Coheed and Cambria fan. I had heard some of their songs before and thought they were good but never went out of my way to listen to their discography.
I went solely because my friends were going and I wanted to go to the WWE event on the same weekend. I knew I was going to have a good time, and boy howdy, did I.
The show featured the groups Every Time I Die and Mastodon with Coheed and Cambria being the headliner and featuring many songs from their album “Unheavenly Creatures”. To put it simply, it was the best concert I have ever seen.
You know the feeling where you don’t really listen to a band but, after you see them live you get a huge appreciation to them? That’s exactly what happened to me after this show. Since this show, I’ve gone and listened to the Coheed and Cambria discography multiple times through and they have turned into one of my favorite bands.
Because of this show and this trip, “Unheavenly Creatures” by Coheed and Cambria will always be in a soft part in my heart.
To give a little context to the album, “Unheavenly Creatures” is a return to form for Coheed and Cambria. Coheed is known for making concept albums, which means an album has a story tied to the music. Their previous album “Color Before the Sun” was their first one to not be a concept album.
Their albums are set in a time period where something called the Amory Wars is happening. To put it bluntly, it’s very science fiction and if you enjoy that type of thing, consider checking out their music and comics that go along with the albums.
The album begins with the track “The Dark Sentencer”. This track starts with a very boisterous guitar feature and is a great way for this album to start and sets the tone for the rest of the album.
Other tracks worth looking out for on this record include Love Protocol, The Pavilion (A Long Way Back), Old Flames and what is my favorite cut on this LP, The Gutter.
Check out the next issue of the Pathfinder to find out my second selection for the series of my favorite albums of the decade!