Humans of LCSC

Caysie McGinness and Cassondra Manske

Valarie James:
“I remember the last time I cried like it was yesterday, but it was actually three years ago. My great grandmother had a stroke. We took her to the hospital in Spokane where she stayed for quite a bit of time. After awhile, she wanted to go home. The doctors sent her home, but she was bedridden. I was the one who always tried to make her happy by playing games with her or even just talking, but one day she just forgot who I was. We soon found out that my grandma had Alzheimer’s. One day I was playing games with her and making her happy, and then two days later she had passed away. Four months later, I got a text in history class from our family group chat saying that my great-grandpa had passed away. I dropped my phone and started crying immediately. Everyone started staring at me, and I felt weird but I couldn’t control it because I was still not over the passing of my great grandmother. Although my great grandparents have passed away too soon, I’m glad I was able to be a huge part of their lives.”

Cayley Hooker:
“A couple of months ago, I made a mistake. It may be one of the biggest regrets of my life. Even though it was not a life or death situation, it still makes my list for regrets. My sister was going to a Machine Gun Kelly concert for her birthday. He is one of my favorite rappers; however, I was already planning to go to a different concert. That was a big mistake because she got to do so much more than just watch him live. She got to do a private meet and greet with him, which means she got to be within inches of him. My sister got to touch Machine Gun Kelly, take a photo with him and even get his autograph! Not only did she get to experience all of this with my favorite rapper, but she rubbed it in afterward. She mocked me for days telling me how great it was, showing me all of her souvenirs and telling me I missed out on one of the biggest experiences of my life. I have never been jealous of anyone before in my life. However, for the rest of my life, I will be jealous of my sister and mad at myself for not going.”