LCSC scholarship opportunities

Serge Matulich, Reporter

Matulich Foundation Inc., a small family foundation that offers scholarships to students in higher education, was recently formed as a tax-exempt charity. By law, it is required to give away five percent of its endowment each year. The Foundation is now ready to accept scholarship applications from students for spring 2020. The application deadline is March 1.
Because the Foundation is still small, its scholarships are also small. One scholarship in the amount of $1,000 is restricted to a student whose education is oriented toward the preservation of the environment or protection of animals. This can include majors in veterinary science, oceanography, meteorology or even students who intern or volunteer with animal hospitals, aquariums, zoos, and similar organizations, regardless of major
All other scholarships have no restrictions. Scholarships are paid directly to students; the foundation does not give grants to schools. Applicants must be enrolled in US schools with programs beyond high school. The maximum award is $1,000.
The foundation was created by the immigrant children of parents who brought them to America after three years in a World War II refugee camp. They lived in a tent in the Sinai desert until the end of the war. The foundation is their way of honoring their parents for the opportunity to get educated and live the American dream. Their story is described in the foundation’s web site, which also includes a short video. Students are invited to visit and apply online for a scholarship.
For more information email [email protected] or call Dr. Matulich at 407-657-4974