OP-ED: Golden Globes strangest outfits

Mikayla Hartley, Staff Writer

Joey King, is the walking human version of those illusion books that you used to read as a kid while you were waiting at the doctor’s office.
Her “Magic Eye” dress encaptures you in and if you stare long enough, it could result in a headache.
As strange as her dress was, it had a whimsical factor to it.
The sleeves looked like beautiful wings with illusions and magic hidden at the seams!


Kerry Washington looks like she came out of a mix and match Barbie Dress up game where she chose different themes for each part of the outfit. Her whole composition doesn’t quite make any sense with the chains, the blazer, and the long slit skirt, and the “no shirt” thing. Yet it works for her. It seems like a statement. But it could just be a unique outfit. With modern fashion exploring all kinds of different concepts, it’s interesting to see the outfits that are produced. They definitely do make you look for longer than a second.


Kaitlyn Dever’s dress simulates a coloring book app where she only completed a quarter of the picture. If someone said that this photo was photoshopped and the pattern was digitally inserted, I’m sure a lot of people would believe them. Her dress is very peculiar and gives an illusion due to the pattern that is very similar to window pane designs. The color choice and theme makes the dress stand out on the red carpet.


Billy Porter was the most ambitious of all the men that came to the Golden Globes. I can only imagine how exhausting it was for him to lug that thing around the whole time, and how much of a nightmare it was to sit down comfortably. I wonder what the ends of the cape looked like after the award ceremony because I can assure you it did not stay white. However, as much of a pain it must have been to wear, he looked stunning in this picture and the outfit made him look like a shining king!