Op-Ed: my passion for snowboarding

Alyssa Smith, Staff Writer

Everyone has one thing that they do that makes them feel free and truly happy, for me that is snowboarding. When I am on the mountain, I can ignore my problems and stressors and focus solely on the snow and the mountain. It is my break from the ‘real world.’ For me, snowboarding is not only a sport but also a form of therapy.
Who needs drugs when you are high on life? That is essentially what snowboarding is for me. It is amazing floating on the snow like a cloud surfer, with only the snow and the trees for the company. It is a wonderful feeling to stop in the middle of a run to admire the gorgeous landscape and listen to the mountain.
When I am snowboarding, the weight of the ‘real world’ is lifted off me and it is a freeing feeling. I learned a lot about myself through snowboarding. One of the biggest takeaways is that I found my passion for teaching through the snowboarding class I teach at Lookout Pass, which has led me to want to become a teacher someday.
To me, snowboarding is beautiful and euphoric. So you can imagine my horror when my loving father texted me recently saying that my snowboard was stolen out of the back of his truck. I trusted him with my tool of escape one time, and he destroyed my dream. He didn’t even apologize! At that point, I was on the verge of tears, and I was surrounded by my friends on the writing staff, which was highly embarrassing. I was thinking of all the horrible things I was going to say to him, but then I get another text from my father saying, “I’m only joking.”
As you can imagine, I was absolutely furious. That whole encounter led to this article, since my coworkers thought it would be a way to heal from this horrible trauma.
I hope that everyone who reads this finds some type of activity that makes you feel the way snowboarding makes life more bareable for me.