Humans of LCSC

Lizzy Bremer: “My home place is the beautiful Europe. Little about me I came from a family of two, with a brother that is 21 years old. The day I was thinking about college, I made a video of me playing tennis. I wanted to find the best tennis team at college. I sorted through the colleges by their tennis teams and then looked at the college itself. After sorting through the colleges, I picked Lewis-Clark State College. When I moved to Lewiston, I saw the landscape of green, red and trees full of bright leaves. I was so surprised at how small the town was. In my first semester, I was psych major. Then I realized that I could not picture myself doing that career. I also played tennis on top of everything. Over the two practices when I started to play, I started to get knife stabbing pain in my lower back. I told my coach about the feeling and then went to the nurse’s office. They took an X-ray of my back and found out that I had a stress fracture. This took a major hit on me with school and tennis. I had to make sure that my back was healing, but I had to go to class as well, which was very stressful. Now I am ready to play tennis. On the 7th and 8th of February, I got to go play my first match after my injury. After the matches, I have to slowly see how I do and if I can play tennis. My plan for next year is that I want to do human resources for my major because psych is not for me. I hope everything goes to plan and I can have another good semester.”

-Shalynn Balls

Hunter Pike: “I play football for the LC Loggers. A few months ago on a hot September day, I was in Spokane, playing against the Pomona Pitzer College football team. I went to catch a screen pass, was tackled, and knew immediately that my collarbone was broken. I didn’t have any emotion, but due to my previous injuries ,I knew what to expect and all that goes along with having a broken bone. I ended up getting nine screws and a titanium bar down my right arm.”

-Jessica Grove