Things to do in the LC Valley

Gracyn Richardson, Editor

It seems like there is always nothing to do in the valley. For years, the phrase, “what is there to do in this town?” has been embedded into everyone’s head.
Though this valley is small, it is packed full of fun things to do, that not a lot of people know about!
Asotin county aquatic center: Tagging along with free things students and staff can get in this valley, the aquatic center is one fun and free place to go with a valid student identification card. There’s a large indoor swimming pools and a hot tub!
Bowling: This valley has two different bowling alleys. One is in the Lewiston Orchards called “Orchards Lanes” that offers a semi-arcade, and fun night time bowling!
The other bowling alley is called “Lancer Lances” which is on Bridge Street in Clarkston. That bowling alley offers a larger arcade that you can redeem tickets for prizes and a full-size mini-golf course outside, on top of a retro bowling alley!
Museums: Not only is there the rockin’ Center for Arts and History, but there’s also the lesser-known “Nez Perce County Historical Society & Museum” that offers a deep look into Lewiston’s past!
Walking: There are multiple different hiking and walking trails all over the valley that always offers a beautiful sight. In Lewiston, there’s the beautiful Hells Gate State Park that has 16 different hiking trails with various levels of how easy or hard the incline is! Though the park is beautiful, it can get pretty deserted in some places. Another nice place for a walk is on the Lewiston levee, which has a skate park and a playground. A hidden gem though is Clarkston’s levee pass. Stretching from the blue bridge to Asotin is a lush walkway that has beaches and parks littered along the way.
New food: There are roughly 65 restaurants in the Valley that are not fast food restaurants! Most are locally owned and have various different cultures throughout them! There are also many different food trucks that are parked around town ,which are perfect for stopping along a walk!
Go to a play: Though they aren’t in their permanent location, the Lewiston Civic Theatre still puts on a marvelous show anywhere they’re located! Visit the Lewiston Civic Theatre website to see upcoming plays.
Go thrift shopping: There are roughly 10 different thrift stores in the LC Valley that all offer a variety of furniture and clothes for everyone at a really low price!
Go to an escape room: Believe it or not, the Valley does have a local escape room company! Located on Mainstreet, Lost Key escape rooms is super fun for a group of friends, a date night or a family bonding experience.