Netflix’s Marriage Story review

Mikayla Hartley, Staff Writer

*Spoilers ahead*
Noah Baumbach’s film Marriage Story, shows the trials and struggles of divorce. Words can get construed as we let others speak for us.
The main theme was centered around communication. The two main characters–Charlie played by Adam Driver, and Nicole played by Scarlett Johansson–are going through a divorce with their son, Henry.
As we follow the movie, bits and pieces of their love life before the mention of divorce is given to us. The two thrived off of each other in big and little ways.
Nicole got the lead role in Charlie’s plays and was the star of his show.
Charlie enjoyed the more little things about Nicole. Most notably is her family and her haircuts.
The couple had goals and dreams of their own that they failed to communicate and compromise on. An example of this being Nicole’s wish to be closer to home in Los Angeles where her family was.
In the beginning, the two characters aren’t communicating their desires but don’t want to get lawyers involved for the fear that it would get nasty.
However, in the end, they do decide to go with lawyers, which can be seen as a good and bad thing.
For one, the lawyers brought up the issues that Nicole and Charlie didn’t talk about, which helped both of them understand each other’s positions.
However, their wants were not being voiced by themselves but rather through other people whose aim is to make the other person look bad.
In the end, Nicole and Charlie worked it out. They both get custody of Henry, and Charlie still has a good relationship with Nicole and her family.
It’s not a romantic relationship but an understanding between the two that they can help each other raise Charlie together.
The lesson of Marriage Story is that no matter what you’re going through, voice your thoughts and desires, but also don’t be scared to have others help you get them out there.
With this, healthy relationships can be formed even in a divorce.