New Dracula series stuns fans

Ensley Keith, Staff Writer

*Spoilers ahead*
Over the New Year, Netflix debuted its new take on the legend of Dracula, played by Claes Bang.
The description available on Netflix regarding the series is slightly misleading in its emphasis on Jonathan Harker, played by John Hefferman.
The first episode starts in Transylvania at Dracula’s palace and intermittently transitions between the castle and Jonathan telling the story to Sister Agatha Van Helsing, played by Dolly Wells.
The first two episodes take place in 1897. The second episode takes place on the ship “Demeter.”
The episode is about the voyage Dracula takes from Transylvania to the America’s. Of course, along the way, Dracula needs to feed, good thing there are other passengers and the crew on board, or should I say “buffet.”
At the end of the episode, Dracula is in a crate in the ocean and will be there for the next few centuries. Until, of course, there is an exploratory mission from a secret organization that finds him.
When he emerges on the beach, he is surrounded by a task force from the same secret organization that woke him up.
With each shocking revelation that rifles this mini-series, you become more enamored and enveloped into the story.
If you can’t handle gore and nudity, you should think twice before you watch this mini-series, but I believe that you could easily skip the gorier parts and still enjoy this mini-series to the fullest.
However, if you don’t mind the gore and violence, you can really sink into the story and enjoy it to the fullest. The energetic and suspenseful tone to the whole show lures you into its depths. Every unexplained noise is a different plot twist. When you believe you’ve finally reached the bottom, it falls out from beneath you, leaving you to plummet into empty space until the next staircase,that has yet to be built.
I hope you will take the plunge and devote a few hours to the newest Dracula adaptation, and in my mind, the best so far.