“Criminal Minds” debuts its finale after 15 years

Antonia Gutierrez, Staff Writer

*Spoilers ahead*
“Criminal Minds” has had its share of emotions. It’s hard to explain everything. I could go on forever.
“Criminal Minds” first debuted in 2005, and it has finally come to an end 15 years later. After 15 seasons and 319 episodes, the crime show has closed its doors.
For those who don’t know, “Criminal Minds” is a crime TV drama centered around a group of FBI agents working for the behavioral analysis unit (BAU). Their job is to profile their suspect using psychology and behavior to be able to apprehend them.
They investigated all types of crimes: from different murders, killers, bombing, stalking and rapes.
Not only did the show follow the agents and their work, but it also followed their personal lives. Marriages, kids, divorce, sickness and even death.
Throughout the years, every individual agent faced a killer that had a vendetta against them. My favorite one was Aaron Hotchner (Hotch) vs The Reaper. The Reaper was a killer that copied the infamous Zodiac killer. Long story short, the Reaper tried to kill Hotch several times, and actually killed Hotchner’s wife, tried to kill his young son Jack, and eventually died at the hands of Hotch.
Another favorite of mine is when Prentiss had to fake her death (again). JJ and Reid got kidnapped and held hostage on more than one occasion. A lot of them also had serious bullet wounds.
I could go on and on about the different amount of injuries they had.
Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia and Jennifer Jareau (JJ) were the only characters that lasted the 15 seasons. Emily Prentiss and David Rossi were the next. There also many other agents that worked alongside the few years, all who had their own unique drama that kept the viewers engaged week after week.
This last week, the two final episodes of the series aired. Just like many other finales, it was slightly disappointing. It was a very anticlimactic ending. Spoilers up ahead. Reid had a girlfriend in the previous episodes, yet we don’t see her or hear about her at all.
Prentiss and JJ had other job offers, that they turned down. Rossi went into retirement for a day then returned. He also almost died. Reid almost died too.
I thought that the show was going to end with them going their separate way and new agents coming in, but it ended like any other episode. It really left viewers wanting more.
The one thing that I did like was one of the final scenes where everyone got on the elevator and faced the camera as it panned out.
The show had other spinoff shows, “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” There was also some cross over episodes. Both did not do as good as the original show, but I would still recommend them.
“Criminal Minds” had been facing its finale for a few years now. Ratings weren’t as good as they used to be and, in the end, not enough people appreciated this show for it to stay longer.
It will forever and always hold a special spot in my heart.