Op-Ed: let kids be kids

Mikayla Hartley, Staff Writer

Starting her debut in the Netflix Original series, “Stranger Things,” Millie Bobby Brown has been a star on the rise.
She began to appear in more movies and commercials and has even come out with her own line of makeup and face care products, “Florence by Mills.”
Although she has had incredible success, the media has been critical of her appearance.
In her most recent Instagram post, Brown uploaded a video on her 16th birthday putting her frustration into a format for all to see.
In the video, she shows clips from news articles that mention her aging, videos of her out in public as a celebrity and personal home videos as well.
In the background, Justin Bieber’s new song “Changes” is playing in the background. The video is a symbol of change not only for Brown as she is turning 16 but a call for change for the media.
Brown has gone through a lot of cyberbullying on both sides saying “act your age” and “not hot enough.” She is in a time in her life where finding herself is difficult, and having the world stare at you and judge your every movement doesn’t help.
There is no good way to assess the situation. On the one hand, Brown is allowed to dress how she wants. The media and the world doesn’t get a say in that. However, it is not okay to sexualize a child.
Brown is still underage. She may be a celebrity, but that does not excuse the behavior of the media on behalf of her portrayal.