Massey takes the Mr. LCSC crown

Kimberly Neri, Staff Writer

The first-ever Mr. LC took place at Lewis-Clark State College’s Silverthorne Theater on Feb.26.
Six male students participated in the event namely Drake VanBuskirk, Sam Sprague, Tyran Mahoney, Caden Massey, Ben Gerthung and Mika Rives.
Mr. LC is a male parody of traditional beauty pageants that has, for the longest time, been exclusively for women.
The event showcased the creativity and light-hearted humor that the men of LC State possessed.
Four awards were given to deserving participants that night. Mahoney, a Sophomore at LCSC, won the Most Spirited Award, and Sprague, a freshman, won the award for Most Poised.
Massey, a junior, took home both the People’s Choice Award that was voted on by the audience through a text poll, and the coveted Mr. LC crown.
The participants opened the night with a lively dance number, followed by the Warrior strut, where they showed off their LCSC gear. There was a wide array of talent presented during the talent portion.
VanBuskirk played the saxophone, while Massey entertained the crowd with his comedic TedTalk about himself.
Later on, Sprague sang and played the ukulele, and Mahoney performed a musical rendition of a “You’re the One That I Want” from the movie “Grease” using hand puppets. Gerthung showcased his standup comedy skills, and Rives rode a unicycle and played the trumpet in a spider-man suit, all while having a broken leg.
The participants also surprised the audience with a dance performance of “Fruit Salad” by The Wiggles during the intermission while the people voted on their favorite candidate.
Mr. LC is not Massey’s first foray into the beauty pageant scene. In fact, he is the reigning Mr. Kamiah. “I knew what I was up against,” he said.
He spent several weeks preparing his stand-up routine for the talent portion of the competition.
Although the week before the event, he was at a theater festival, which he said gave him a huge disadvantage against the other participants. Even though he said he had disadvantage because of his prior responsibilities the week before, he said he felt very good about winning.
“I was honestly doubting my ability to pull out that win, but I really did put some thought into my routine and my outfits,” Massey said.
He had a lot of help for the competition. He got together with his team of people who helped him try on his outfits and work things out prior to the event. He also had someone back in the greenroom helping him get ready.
“I want to say thank you to all the people that voted for me,” said Massey. “I was pleasantly surprised that that many people showed up to support me. It was very touching.”
The organizers of the event hope to make Mr. LC into an LCSC tradition. Since this was their first time organizing Mr. LC, there were some little things that need to be fine-tuned for the next time this competition happens.
The text poll that was sent out that night did not work for a lot of people. This reporter’s vote did not even count overall, as the poll said it had reached its maximum number of votes.
Still, the night was a complete success, full of laughter and joy as the Warriors of LC State showed everyone what they were capable of.