Mystic Cafe welcomes LCSC students for open mic night

Carlee Smith, Staff Writer

You won’t ever regret stopping by Open Mic Night at Mystic Cafe.
This last Open Mic was no exception. It was a full house with lots of competition for the seats near the stage.
The acts of the night did not disappoint. Many acts showed off their skilled guitar playing and singing.
One standout from these acts was one of Lewis-Clark State College’s freshmen, Taylor Trulson. She played her guitar and sang “Paralyzed” by NF and “Slow Down,” a song she composed herself.
“Slow Down,” as she explained, had a special meaning to her as she wrote it during her senior year of high school.
It was obvious that the audience was moved by her song, as it was one of the only times during the night that the audience went quiet. All the acts featured talented people. One unusual act of the night was a gifted harmonica player, which you don’t see very often.
Open Mic Night is something everyone can enjoy. If you have a talent you would like to share, then you should consider performing at Mystic. For those of us who don’t prefer to be on stage, Open Mic Night is still fun to watch and support the performers.
The audience can be even more involved during the night by participating in the host’s musical mad libs and answering trivia questions.
If you correctly answer a trivia question, you win a gift card for Mystic Cafe.
If you missed this month’s Open Mic Night, don’t worry, you can catch the next one on the first Tuesday in April starting at 7 p.m.