Meet C-Mass

Jordan Hay, Staff Writer

When I started my schooling here at LCSC in the beginning of 2019, one of the first people that I heard of through friends and classmates was C-Mass.
I finally got the privilege to meet him in the summer before the current school year through Super Smash Brothers tournaments where I found out what made Caden Massey (C-Mass) such a figure here at Lewis-Clark State College.
After his win at the Mr. LC contest, I sat down with C-Mass. I asked him a few questions in hopes of giving the rest of LCSC the chance to get to know the man known as C-Mass.
Massey grew up in Kamiah, Idaho, and is a secondary education major with an emphasis on English. He is wanting to teach at a smaller high school, preferably one close to his hometown after he graduates from LCSC.
If he doesn’t go into teaching, he says that he wants to do any sort of job or activity to help the youth.
C-Mass then elaborated on why he came to LCSC in the first place. “I was gonna go to U of I to be a frat boy until about January of my senior year.
I basically didn’t understand what a frat was, so I decided it probably wasn’t that good of an idea to go. Then I chose LCSC because it is closer and cheaper, and the rest is history.”
For fun, C-Mass enjoys playing competitive games like Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.
“I used to play Fortnite as well, but then I grew up.” He also enjoys staying involved with campus activities, clubs, theater and other campus events.
When asked about an event from his past that shaped who he is today, C-Mass talked about his senior year of high school when he was on the Kamiah High School track team.
“I did track for eight years and I was absolute trash. My senior year, however, that was magical,” he said while laughing. “I finally qualified for state somehow in hurdles. During a practice leading up to the state meet, I ended up breaking my foot. That really sucked.”
C-Mass then explained how even though he had a hurt foot, he still participated in the state meet and gave it his all.
I was curious about something that he may have been proud to accomplish here at LC.
“Definitely directing my own (theater) show. The payoff was great, and it was cool to do it basically all on my own.”
A lot of the people at LC probably couldn’t tell you what C-Mass’ real name is. With all that though, once you get to know Massey, you can tell that he is a real down to earth human being, and I am blessed to know him and his friend group.