From the Editors

Gracyn Richardson and Trenton Bann

Daylight savings time sucks.
The way I view this horrendous day of the year is just one step closer to summer.
This being my first full-time year in college, I’ve realized it goes so much faster than high school years.
With only around nine weeks left of school, I feel like we have only been back for maybe a week or two.
This time of year can get really overwhelming for myself and others, and what I’ve decided to do is try and get off of social media as much as I can.
If anyone knows me, they know how I feel about Twitter or Instagram, and how I love to post about my life, but I’m starting to come to the realization that no one deeply cares.
It sounds terrible, but the only people who really care about myself or my life are the people that reach out to me by calling me, not by liking my tweets.
And even though I’m coming to this realization, a few thousand Twitter followers would be nice.
Just for fun.
– Gracyn Richardson

This past week has been both eventful and disheartening. As it begins to heat up, the results of last week have left me feeling disappointed. As the window for revolution seems to be closing for 2020, it begins to take on a much more important role for the future. Just a week before, it seemed like the proletariat would finally have the opportunity to take hold of the rigged system we are in now. It appears that the coalescing around the establishment has begun that opportunity begins to shrink. Now the fight seems to be harder and perhaps the revolution must wait longer to achieve its goal. Nevertheless, the fight goes on.
Perhaps this year will also be the last time we have to turn our clocks forward as both Washington and Idaho seek to remain on DST pending congressional approval. Perhaps the only good bill that the Idaho legislature has passed in recent memory.
Also, “Animal Crossing” and “Ori and The Will of the Wisps” come out this month, which is very exciting.
– Trenton Bann