How to survive COVID – 19 while on campus

Alyssa Smith, Staff Writer

I am sure you have heard all about the COVID – 19 (coronavirus) and what it is doing throughout the country.
Colleges and universities are one of the biggest impacts of this virus on college students. Lewis-Clark State College students have the option to stay or leave, and many students are leaving.
Since all the events are sadly canceled on campus, the few remaining students are probably wondering what to do with themselves.
Here are a couple of ways to survive COVID – 19 pandemic while keeping that social distancing.
Fun fact, an average Nerf gun can shoot at least six feet with a range of 35 feet and even up to 75 feet for the heavy-duty guns.
That means that if you go to a park with a couple of friends and have a social distantancing war, you can easily keep six feet apart whileplaying.
This is also a way to enjoy the spring weather and get some fresh air. And if someone gets too close you can shoot them away with your Nerf gun. The only downside is you can’t pose for cool group pictures after. Hammocking is another great way to maintain six feet apart but also enjoy the company of friends.
The hammock camps outside of Clark and Talkington Hall are perfect for enjoying the sunshine and relaxing with a couple of friends.
Hiking is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and spring weather. Just make sure to keep some distance between your hiking buddies.
Line dancing is also another great way to get out and do something with friends, but remain six feet apart.
Even if you are not a huge country fan it is a lot of fun. An easy song to start with is ‘Boot Scootin’ Boogie’ by Brooks and Dunn. Here are some other ways to remain six feet apart while also having fun with a couple of friends:
1. Workout with online trainers
and yoga leaders on YouTube.
2. Hide-and-seek.
3. Go on a scavenger hunt.
Warrior Web is also having a March Sadness bracket that you can fi nd on their Facebook page, there will be a quality quarantine package as a prize. It is basically a movie night package. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. And remember, instead of stocking up on toilet paper, stock up on Nerf guns and bullets.