Does the cancelation of sports mean something larger?

Antonia Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Many fans and athletes are feeling upset from the recent decision to suspend sports and professional leagues for an indefinite amount of time. Since people are being quarantined, people are having a hard time finding something interesting to watch. For others, this is their last opportunity to play at any level.

High school seniors might not be continuing their career into college, and most college seniors will not be continuing into the professional leagues. This sudden termination of sports for them might affect them in a negative way.

Many student-athletes have become only students after this. They are no longer allowed to practice or compete. This can be compared to someone losing a job since they are constantly involved in their sport. NCAA March Madness is how the NCAA makes a lot of its money. Every year it brings in nearly $1 billion dollars. In 2019, they brought in $933 million. It’s going to be really hard for them to make this up in other ways, especially since all other tournaments have been canceled.
The city of Lewiston and the LC Valley makes a lot of money from the World Series, which has also been canceled. LCSC holds the most titles, so it is even more important for the valley to support their athletes, but that has been canceled this year.
Gyms and public recreation centers are closed. Youth spring sports won’t be happening this year.
Small things like this can affect the economy in a big way. It will also be impacting families who wanted to participate or looked forward to this.
The Italian government was the first to suspend all of their professional leagues, something that they hadn’t done since World War II. Almost ll sporting events have been suspended and postponed since then.

Sports are also going to lose money from ticket sales, merch, tv rights since they are no longer able to play. One of the biggest questions in the sporting world has been whether or not the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are going to be postponed, suspended, or if they are still going to happen.
If they get canceled, many teams and athletes will face great emotion. For some, qualifying for the Olympics is something that they have been working for their entire lives.
The host city would also lose a huge investment, in this case, Tokyo. They have been building facilities that won’t be used and this will hurt their economy.