Quarantine and chill: top ten shows to binge watch on Netflix

Gracyn Richardson, Editor

With the mass abundance of background noise while doing homework time on students of LCSC hand’s, there are a plethora of Netflix shows to binge while undergoing this lockdown.
10.) “I Am Not Okay with This”: A Netflix original adapted from the book, “The Hero’s Journey,” the short 2-hour long season is a great story to have running while working on homework. The show has the same feel as the movie “Carrie” smashed together with “Matilda,” and also strangely “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” Great show to binge.
9.) “Locke and Key”: Another Netflix original, the mystery show embarks on a journey into a strange house with a number of magical keys that all do something different. One key lets the person who uses it to project out of their body, and fly around like a ghost. The story is also somewhat scary, but has a very good plot. More rated for children, the show is a good one to keep on while doing seven online classes worth of homework on one Sunday.
8.) “Parks and Recreation”: a classic in “the Office” world scene. Created by the same writers as “the Office,” “Parks and Rec” shows that there is so much more within a regular government branch, and shows the immense personality of Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, and her friends in the parks department, some of the characters are played by a various amount of actors including Rob Lowe, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott and Aziz Ansari. An amazing show to binge, paying attention or not.
7.) “Black Mirror”: Getting into more of the have-to-pay-attention shows, “Black Mirror” showcasesdifferent dystopian futures that are not far off from the one  occurring now. The show shows how technology will inevitably be the downfall of human kind, mixed in with a lot of really weird stuff. The show though brings to the table really important aspects that people should consider for the furthering of technology. A great show to binge, but take the episodes in before starting a new one. They are very important.

6.) “Dark”: A great English- dubbed show located in Germany about time travel and how it deals with Chernobyl and a vast amount of other cases that fell 33 years apart. Sounds confusing… because it is. Not a show to have on in the background, and has an amazing plot that triumphs over the words not matching the mouths. There’s an option to have it in German with English subtitles, but then one would have to pay attention even more.
5.) “Unbelievable”: Another darker show that shows the brave case of a girl being raped in her own bedroom, and telling the police but they don’t believe her. This show shows how the legal system failed this victim, and how with perseverance,one can always get through things with the right support. A great show to binge if one is in the “true crime” mood.
4.) “The Good Place”: Arguably the best show in the “Parks and Rec” and the “Office” universe. When using the word universe, it is used very loosely. None of them really connect, but the jokes, the no-laugh- track, and the fact that they all three are made by the same people gives it the feeling that all the characters are connected. It doesn’t help that most of them cross over in shows! Kristen Bell plays Eleanor Shellstrop which is a very contrasting role to her latest role in Disney’s “Frozen” movies. The alcoholic negative-nelly gets ran over by shopping carts and dies, and winds up in the “Good Place”in the first few minutes of the first episode. The show revolves around how Eleanor was a horrible person on Earth, and the “Good Place” system messed it up, and the real Eleanor Shellstrop went to the “Bad Place.” The show explodes after the first season into something so much larger, and has stopped airing after season four. The completed show is a perfect show to binge over this break.
3.) “Dead to Me”: Possibly one of the most underrated shows on Netflix. The hilarious short show is about the hit and run murder of Jen Harding’s (Christina Applegate) husband, and how she’s getting over the death of him while having two children, and still working in upscale real-estate. Jen meets a woman named Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini) at group grief therapy, and they become non-traditional best friends… even though Judy is hiding a big secret from her. An amazing show to binge, and hilarious.
2.) “Stranger Things”: A blockbuster hit, the 1980s show brings to life the operations of a dark government lab, who hold a gifted young girl with telekinesis that eventually escapes, and makes her way into the real-Indianan world. At the same time, a group of boy’s friend goes missing, and they spend the entire first season looking for him. The award winning show brought to life characters that people love today, and is in the making of season four. One of the best shows on Netflix.
1.) “Breaking Bad”: This five season, one movie, and one five season spin off has got all of the other shows beat. About a high school chemistry teacher who develops lung cancer, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) has to make methamphetamine in order to cover his lung cancer bills. The show takes place in New Mexico, a booming area for these drugs, and Mr. White makes 99% pure methamphetamine, which is some of the best in all of the United States and Mexico. Walt and a former student of his, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), team up to make millions in New Mexico distributing his meth. The show unfolds into a much larger story that inspires a movie and a prequel to the plot. “Breaking Bad” could be the best show that Netflix streams, and is a very good show to binge over the break.