In-home quarantine workouts

Antonia Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form qualified to tell anyone how to work out. These are just some fun ideas for you to do in these hard times.
Since we are in quarantine now, it can be harmful to people to get their daily workouts. Here are a few ideas of what you can do to stay active and healthy.
Lifting: You can lift gallons of milk or water. You can also liftcouches, chairs, beds, tables, etc.
Don’t forget about lifting with your legs too. #legday You can also try to lift your roommate if you really want to. If you have any pets you can try to lift them, unless you have a cat. They won’t like that.
Yoga: YouTube and Pinterest have many yoga videos and ideas. This is something that you can do while meditating or while binge-watching your favorite show or movie.
Others: You can do lunges, squats, calf raises, jumping jacks, planks, mountain climbers, crunches, etc while doing dishes, brushing teeth, feeding your pet, going from room to room, doing other chores, doing homework, or even at work. There are also many things that you can lift at work, depending on where you work.
You can look up 30-day challenges if you’re up for the challenge. Again, Pinterest has many challenges you can do. You can even find something
that will fit you on Google. Again, these are only some
suggestions, if you already have something that works for you at home, feel free to share with others who might be struggling to find something to do.