Grocery stores vs the people

Mikayla Hartley, Staff Writer

Due to COVID-19, recent changes have been striking city to city, including Lewiston and Clarkston.
Across the whole United States, people are stocking up on nonperishable food and toilet paper. As grocery stores are left with empty shelves and bustling aisles, people have risen to alarm.
Last weekend, there was a panic in the air. People were pulling items off of the shelves and barking at each other to get the last pack of ramen. It was a scary time to go shopping. Now, as of the release of this article, that panic has started to subside.
As shoppers line up to ring up their items in long lines, connections are being made. Some have been negative.
Passive-aggressive insults have been thrown at many college students, blaming them for the food shortage. Others look with criticism at what is in the carts of those in front of them. But for the most part, compassion has returned to the checkout lines.
People are reaching out to others and sharing their stories and groceries. In this stressful time where everyone is feeling the pressure of the world, it’s nice to see the good that people are putting out there.
Many stores are now implementing a “two items per person,” in which people can only purchase two of the same item. This way the hoarding that has been occurring that led to the shortages in the stores is decreasing.
Next time you go to the grocery store try to also keep in mind the workers.
They are having to constantly stock the fl oors with the food that we purchase. The cashiers at the checkout line are having to stand for hours while bagging and handling dozens of customers. Be courteous of others and of the work that they do.
As COVID-19 and the fears that come with it looms above us all, it is important for us to remember our humanity.
The world may be changing in some negative ways, but we as people do not need to follow this. It is important for us to reach outnd help our community with even the smallest of gestures. Stay safe out there and help a neighbor out!