Fives ways to make some extra cash

Gracyn Richardson, Staff Writer

With the rapidly rising pandemic, many people are finding themselves out of jobs.
In Lewiston alone, many restaurants have turned into “pick- up only” services due to the lack of customers coming into the establishments.
If students worked for LCSC, they can also find themselves at a bit of a crossroads due to wanting to be as safe as possible and self-quarantine.
Though some students reside in their dorms with living expenses prepaid, others have found themselves short rent money or money for groceries.
Other than the alleged $1,000 check that people will be receiving from the government, which goes based upon 2018 tax filings, meaning that people who were under 18 in 2018 might not get a check, even though they are not living at home anymore, a source of income is very scarce right now.

The coronavirus has impeded on the lives of students, who are already broke, let alone being out of a job too. Though money is scarce, there are still ways to make some cash.
Forewarning: some of these activities should warrant getting tested for the COVID-19 virus before participating.
1.) Sell your clothes: though they should be thoroughly washed before shipment, clothes sales is always a good way to make some money. Apps like Depop and Poshmark are good ways to advertise the clothes that one would have on hand. Both apps are paid out through paypal, and one can find parcels to mail their clothes in at Wal-Mart from $1 to $7 based on size, or at the local post office for $5+. One would need access to a printer to print the shipping labels, but other than that, face to face contact is minimal when shipping out a pre-paid package.
2.) Take local pets on walks: Lewiston is known as a “retirement” town, where there is a lot of elderly people. Since the virus affects those who are 60 years old, the elderly people in Lewiston are most likely wanting to stay home, but their pets aren’t. Post an ad on Facebook for dog walking and people will flock!
3.) Go pick up groceries for the elderly: again, older people are wanting to stay home, so going and picking up their food for them from Winco or Wal-Mart can save their lives… literally! Older people have a rough time shopping anyways, let alone having people punching others in the faces for toilet paper! Again, post an ad on Facebook, and wait for the direct messages!
4.) Take online surveys: online Google surveys can pay someone a few cents per survey that can add up to enough Google play money to buy a movie! Or transfer the money to paypal, and then to one’s bank!
5.) Babysitting: as stated before the list, this is a great way to make money, but one should get tested for the virus first to show the parent’s that they are free from getting their children sick. Again, posting ads on Facebook, or buying an ad in the local paper could get one’s foot in the door during these hard times.