Be the light campaign

Antonia Gutierrez, Staff Writer

On April 10, several Idaho high
schools turned on their football
stadium lights to honor their senior
athletes. They joined the “Be the
Light” campaign alongside many
other states across the country. There
isn’t much that can be done to honor
them since they can’t compete now
that all schools will be closed for the
rest of the school year.
The campaign started in Texas
a few weeks ago and quickly went
viral. It is being done to show hope
that things will hopefully get better
and that athletes will be able to

compete at least one last time before
their high school career ends.
Those who decided not to
participate said that it was for the
well being of the community. Many
schools were afraid that people
would decide to congregate and
make it a public event. They didn’t
want to risk the public’s health and
possibly make the situation worse.
LCSC and other colleges in
the state, including the College of
Southern Idaho, and Idaho State
University decided to take part in the
campaign to support not only high
schoolers but college seniors around
the state as well.
High school senior athletes won’t
get another chance to compete with
their friends and against their rivals.
They won’t be able to have another

chance to compete for a district
or state championship, or that so
coveted sweater (I always competed
to win a state sweater, and I finally
got one, my senior year). They won’t
be able to celebrate their senior night
alongside their friends and family.
For many, high school is where it

ends. Not many high school student-
athletes continue participating at the

college level. Also, not many college
seniors continue their careers as
athletes once they graduate.
This goes for the entire 2020
class. Some students didn’t get to
celebrate their last senior prom or
senior trip. Even the students that
didn’t care about school are missing
it. The most devastating part for most
seniors is that they won’t be able to
walk in their graduation ceremony.

It’s not just athletics that have been
affected. Clubs and their competitors
are also having to say goodbye to
the 2019-2020 competition season.
State speech and debate has been
My old high school, Jerome
High School, has been District 4A
champions for the past 19 years,
and it is definitely something that
our entire school looked forward
to. We loved seeing others perform
their speeches in class, whether it
was because they were interesting
or because it was a way to kill time
in class. We might not have been the
most athletic school, but when it
came to speech, we were the best in
the state.
At the beginning of the pandemic,
schools were under a soft closure,

meaning that school districts can
reopen after April 20 if it has been
deemed safe for them to do so. The
chances of schools opening up again
lowered with each passing day.
The numbers seem to be growing
and students’ hopes seem to be
Schools in Idaho have decided to
close their doors for the rest of the
2019-2020 school year.