Pets and COVID-19

Antonia Gutierrez

Pet owners and animal lovers, I
have some news for you. Your best
friend might be at risk during this
pandemic. Dog lovers, your pet will
be fine during times. They might
even be doing better now that they
don’t have to wait for you to come
home from work or school. They are
loving this extra time that you are
spending with them.
Cat owner, there might be a
problem. There was a case study
done in China with cats and dogs
and it was concluded that cats can
infect other cats with coronavirus.

It wasn’t a super realistic conclusion
since the scientists infected them
with extremely high doses of the
virus. The CDC has stated that the
first animal to test positive with the
virus was a tiger in New York who
already had respiratory problems.
Tigers are a part of the cat family in
case you couldn’t recall.
The CDC has said that there is
no evidence that our pets impose
a risk to us or others, or that they
are to blame during this pandemic.
Yet, if you are sick, the CDC has
recommended that you stay from
your loved ones, which includes pets
and animals. Although there isn’t
any evidence that we pose and kind
of threat to them, it’s better to be safe

than sorry.
The CDC also posted on their
website that infected animals can
infect their human companions as
well, although it is very rare and
The CDC has also said that we
should continue to practice good,
healthy hygiene habits around other
animals since they can carry other
germs, especially after cleaning up
after them. Even if they don’t have
coronavirus, you don’t want to get
any other potential diseases they
might be carrying.
This is a tough time for a lot
of people. Stay home as much as
possible and support those around
you, including your pets.