Struggle recipes

Mikayla Hartley, Staff Writer

Something I learned this year
as a freshman entering college is
that I suck at cooking. This being
whether finding something to eat,
how to make it, and where to buy the
ingredients. I learned how to meal
plan and found some nice cheap
recipes that aren’t just ramen with
some kind of weird twist. As some
of us may be running a bit short on
money, here are a few recipes that
are short, easy and cheap:
Spam Rice: This something that
I learned from my sister and her
fiance, who would also frequently
make this as a simple and easy meal.
The spam can be replaced with real
meat or marinated tofu, but without
something of the essence, the recipe
is quite flavorless. You can add other
components in this recipe that you
think may work. It’s similar to a
“whatever you have on the shelves”
kind of recipe. The only catch with
this recipe is that it is best easily
done if you have a rice cooker. If not
then you will have to look up how to
make it in a pot or pan, but it can be
done fairly easily
– Rice, you can use any kind but

I prefer white long or short grain –
Water, for every cup of rice that you
use, pour in 1 1⁄4 of a cup of water.
This depends on
what kind of rice you are using. –
Green onions, one stalk, use however
much you like – Soy sauce – Spam,
Meat(pork or chicken), or marinated
tofu Optional Ingredients:
– Diced up carrots – beans , I like
to use kidney beans and black beans
– Quinoa, sometimes I substitute it
for the rice – Oyster sauce, it gives it
a flavor kick
How to make:
1. Put the rice and water inside of
the rice cooker. It will take about 20-
30 minutes for the
rice to cook 2. While the rice is
cooking get your other ingredients
ready. Start draining your beans and
chopping your vegetables. 3.
After prepping the other ingredients,
get out your meat/substitute and start
frying! If you are marinating, do it
the night before and place it in the
fridge. This gives your choice of
sauce to have enough time to soak
in. Using a pan start frying up your
meat/substitute 4. Once the rice is
finished, put the rice into a big bowl
or container. Put the other
ingredients in and start to mix
it up. This is when you can start
pouring in some soy sauce and other
sauces or spices until it is a nice light

brown. Taste it to check how you
want it. Things to Keep in Mind:
– This recipe can feed a lot of
people depending on how much rice
and other ingredients
you use. If you are just eating by
yourself this fills your tummy up
pretty fast so it’s great for leftovers!
– If you are cooking your rice in a
pot or a pan and it requires your full
attention, get the
other ingredients done first
including the meat/substitute and put
them aside. If you put anything that
needs to be kept warm, stick it in the
microwave and it will stay warm.
Clara’s Poor Man’s Meal: Clara
is a wonderful lady who lived
through the Great Depression. She
has a youtube channel called Great
Depression Cooking in which she
tells the audience stories and walks
them through some timeless meals
that she used to make. Clara passed
away in 2013, but her legacy still
leaves a mark to this day. Here is
one of the first recipes that I found
from her and one that I love making:
– 1⁄2 cup of water – 4 potatoes –
2 onions – 3 hotdogs, or other meat/
substitute – 2 tablespoon of olive oil
– 2 tablespoon of tomato sauce How
to Make:
1. Scrub off dirt and clean potatoes
2. Chop up the onions, potatoes,

and the meat/substitute 3. Put the
potatoes and onions into a large pan
and put the head on medium. Stir
around and add olive oil 4. Add
the meat into the pan 5. Add the 2
tablespoons of tomato sauce in 6.
Stir all of the ingredients together 7.
Add 1⁄2 cup of water. This is to get
the potatoes soft. Do not add more
water as you will
have to cook longer and could end
up burning the food 8. Stir and mix
until the potatoes are soft Things to
Keep in Mind:
– If you want to, you can cook the
potatoes to be sure that they soften –
If you have any trouble or would like
to, go onto the internet and search up
Clara’s video.
She has another recipe for baked
potato slices in the video and many
other recipes on her channel
Tuna Casserole: I love when my
mom makes this dish, and when I
went to college I found how easy it
was to make for myself. There are
a lot of variations that I have heard,
and while this recipe may not be
the healthiest it is a very nice and
relaxing one that you can work on
homework or watch TV while you
put it in the oven or microwave.
– One family box of Mac’nCheese.
You can use a regular box, but it will
taste a bit different
and will not make as much – 1 1⁄2
cup of frozen peas, you can add more

as wish – Potato Chips or French
Fried Onions – 1-2 cans of Tuna, use
more to your liking
How to Make:
1. Prepare the Mac’nCheese as
the box says 2. Take the frozen peas
out and let them defrost a bit 3.
Open the cans of tuna and pour out
the juice 4. Pour the frozen peas and
tuna into the Mac’nCheese and mix
it together 5. – Depending on if you
have an oven: Set the oven to 345
degrees. Pour the
mixture into a glass bakeware
pan. Put a layer of either crushed up
potato chips or the french onions on
the pan. Place it in the oven for 40
minutes. – Depending on if you have
a microwave: Heat up the mixture in
the microwave in 1 minute intervals,
checking on the defrosted peas.
Once it is hot, put a layer of french
onions or crushed up potato chips on
top and microwave for 10 seconds.
Things to Keep in Mind:
– This recipe has many other
versions, so if you want to add more
or try it another way
search up some other recipes