Animal Crossing New Horizons review

Mikayla Hartley, Staff Writer

Ever since the beginning of
March, the world has been filled
with horrible news everywhere you
look. Toilet paper is rare and now we
sit in our homes only going outside
for a grocery run or to get some
fresh air. When Animal Crossing
New Horizons for the switch was
delayed from the winter of 2019 to
March 20th people were devastated.
However, knowing how much
everyone was going to cherish this
game and that the developers were
working hard to get it finalized and
touched up the fears of not having
it by December ceased. Little did
everyone know that New Horizons
would be releasing in the best time
Animal Crossing is a gaming
franchise that is produced under
Nintendo, a gaming company. In
the world of Animal Crossing the

player is sent to a new town where
all of their neighbors are cute and
cuddly animals. The game follows
real time, so when it is winter it will
be snowing in the game or if it is
April it may be raining more! The
game has three main features to it,
these being collecting, designing,
and communicating. As the player
runs around and becomes friends
with the villagers they can also
fish, catch bugs, collect furniture,
pay off mortgage, and even dig
up fossils! In the newest game of
Animal Crossing, the player is sent
to a deserted island where mostly
everything is the same, however now
there is a traveling theme.
I got my hands on the game one
day after the game came out. I had to
move out of my dorm and put most
of my stuff into storage. It was a
stressful move and all I couldn think
about was playing New Horizons on
my Switch. When I finally got it, I
made sure that no one would disturb
me as I sat down and travelled to what
I could call my new home. Being

an avid fan of Animal Crossing I
had high hopes for this game and
needless to say I was not let down.
There are a few features and past
characters that I hope get added into
the game, seeing that there will be
frequent event updates for the game,
but this game is something that I feel
that anyone and everyone should be
playing. Here are three things that
I loved about the game and three
things that I hope are improved:
The Good:
1. I love the crafting feature. I
think that this was a really smart step
that the developers took in this
game that has never been in
any of the previous versions. It has
definitely sucked me into the game
more by having me gather materials
to create the items that I want or
need. The only gripe I have about it
is how fast a tool can break. I had
this cute little elephant watering can
that I cherished, but after 30 times
of using it it died. However, buying
another one wasn’t too much of an
issue. Every tool that breaks in the

game is replaceable so if something
does break there is not too much of a
worry, unless you are on a different
2. I was shocked when I saw the
trailers and leaks of how outfits
would be working in this game.
One of the main activities in
Animal Crossing is customization
and in New Horizons they definitely
stepped it up! All of the clothes
in Able sisters are so cute. Every
day when I go into the boutique I
purchase most of the clothes that
they have to offer. It’s so much fun
to create an outfit for the day.
Along with the new clothes that

they released the upgraded Pro-
design creation from the last game is

amazing. With all of the new types
of base clothes to design off of,
it’s a wonder how in the last game
people made beautiful dresses out
of the simple standard dress design.
Now there are puffed sleeves, short
dresses, robes, dress shirts, and even
hoodies! It’s also really neat that they
allowed for the usage of previous

QR designs that people have made
from the
previous game, New Leaf. I
have spent hours just designing
cute dresses and outfits with the
new upgraded design feature. It is
a bit difficult to use at first due to
the pixel smoothening, however
with some time and understanding
of how it works the design process
can go quite easy and fun! 3. The
community and fanbase is something
I have also loved since the release of
this game and
even before. This fanbase is
known to be wholesome, loving, and
accepting. Since the recent news of
COVID-19, this game has been a
shining light that brightens my day,
and enjoying it with people I know
and have never met has made me
feel connected, even while social
distancing. With the feature to have
up to 8 people visiting an island,
people have gotten very creative on
how they play with others. I have
seen cute cafe role-playing, hide
and seek, brawl matches using the

tool, and even in-game surprise
weddings to make up for the real
one being canceled. It is truly
remarkable to see a community
stand by each other in positive ways
by simply playing a video game
together. Social distancing has been
extremely hard on many of us. And
while this game is not the end-all
cure, it is defi nitely a positive step in
connecting with others.
The Bad:
1. Many of the characters that
have been in the games before New
Horizons have been replaced.
One of the most iconic characters
in the franchise, Rover, a blue cat
who is one of the fi rst people you
generally meet is nowhere to be
seen. Other characters like Joan
have retired from their job so it is
understandable as to why they have
been replaced. However, some of the
replacements for the once beloved

characters are just a bit sad. For the
Shampoodle shop to be replaced by
a mirror is bittersweet. One side,
it’s nice to be able to customize
whenever and however you want.
But it’s also upsetting because this
means that the Shampoodle shop has
no business on the island. Although
many other characters are gone,
some may return in a future update.
Bewster, a pigeon who works as a
barista in the game is suspected to be
coming to the island in an update.
2. Something that I loved in New
Leaf was that when you travelled
with a friend to the island, there
were minigames that you could
participate in. This was a fun thing
to pass the time in the game with
someone else. In New Horizons
there are no minigames so far. While
players can make their own games
up as they play multiplayer, it is still
a feature that would be fun to add in

Animal Crossing New Horizons review (continued)

sometime in an update.
3. Since the announcement of this
missing feature, many people have
felt a bit uncomfortable about it not
being available. Backup saves is not
a thing for this game. Unfortunately
the developers decided that to
prevent cheating, that backup saves
should be taken away as a feature
for this game. This means that if
your switch is to be stolen, broken,
or replaced you will not be able to
recover your island. However, there
has been word that in a future update
there will be an ability to transfer
your data as a one time deal. It was a
very strange call that the developers
made. Out of all the people who play
animal crossing, not very many hack
into the game and cheat. While this
can be seen as an issue, it is not that
big and should not be held against the
general audience as a punishment. It
is also shocking because the Switch

is about three years old. Typically
when a product is this old, a new
and better model will be released.
Although this has already happened,
it wasn’t a major change. The new
switch just enhanced some features
and the switch lite made it more
handheld. If Nintendo is to release
another console that supports Switch
games, it’s not fair to not have the
ability to transfer the island you have
worked so hard on. I have played this
game nonstop since it came out. I
even bought myself an amiibo card,
special card that will summon my
favourite villager so that they too can
live on my island. This game is for
all ages. My friend’s younger sister
is excited to learn how to read just
so she can play the game. There is
even a lady
known as the “Animal Crossing
Grandma” who spent hundreds of hours in previous titles of the
franchise playing the game. New
Horizons is an experience that you
can shape and play to your liking.
There is no wrong way to play it. In
this trying time where we have the
pandemic knocking on our front
door, it’s not a bad idea to log into
this game and give it a try. It may
even help you connect more with others!